10 Feb 2017

I’m souring more and more toward Windows. While I am finding the arguments of “the FOSS people” on freedom and privacy more compelling, lately–my main issues aren’t exactly rooted in privacy concerns.

The telemetry is just a problem because it physically manifests itself as a nuisance. When my computer should be idling, between the Windows 10 telemetry, and Intel’s driver telemetry, my hard disk would start to spin incredibly fast, while I am just using a text editor, or doing nothing–creating a lot of noise while I am trying to sleep…

These things also consume an incredible amount of CPU resources (and for what?)

I’ve disabled those things as best as I could, but there’s still many more issues with Windows 10. It just looks bad to me, from an optics viewpoint, for ads to be on the lock-screen of a PRO OS that costs money. And, Candy Crush Saga should not be pre-installed, either. These things should be opt-in, not opt-out.

I’m also just finding things really tedious to install in W10, and really disliking how hard it is to customize the way the window manager looks (really not even possible to do all the things I would want to do).

I have almost no reason to continue using Windows…